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Jump Town USA FAQ’s

1.Can we bring our own cake?
You can either purchase a carvel ice-cream cake through us or the ONLY outside food/beverages we allow you to bring in is a bakery type cake or cupcakes. No outside ice-cream cakes allowed. Any cake or cupcakes brought in must be nut free. We ask you to limit to 1 dessert.

2.Can we order extra food for the adults?
We can either order extra pizza for the you or you can order from our adult catering menu which can be found on the “Extra Extra” tab on our web site. If ordering from catering menu, please order. at least 5 days prior to your party date.

3.Can we bring in our own decorations for the party room?
Paper goods are included however if you have a theme and want to bring in your own paper goods you may. What we have time to set up is.
table clothes, plates, cups and napkins for the kid’s tables.
(No confetti allowed)

4. Can we bring in a banner for the party room?
Yes, you can bring in 1 backdrop or banner (if a pennant type banner please have it strung together) (maximum 8’ wide).

5.Can we bring balloons?
Yes, Own balloons must be brought in blown up and on the weights for the tables.
We do not have an area for balloon arches or towers (Please no confetti balloons).

6. Can we bring our own Pinata?
No outside Pinata’s allowed. You can either purchase a piñata through us or we now offer The Candy Cannon that is a more popular option.

7. Can we extend the party?
On the weekend we can only extend the last party of the night.

8. Can we bring in outside entertainment?
No outside characters or entertainment allowed.

9. Can we bring coffee?
Sorry, no hot beverages allowed.

10. How much deposit is required?
The deposit is $100.00

11. Can we bring in sparkler candles or musical lotus candle?
No, it can be a potential burn or fire hazard which is not allowed.

12. Can we bring in our own themed cakes?
Yes, but please know that cakes can shift in transit and Jump Town USA will not take any responsibility for cakes that are damaged when we open the box.

13. Are all parties private?
Yes, although there are multiple parties in the building at a time, no other party is in the areas your party is in. Your party plays alone and eats alone.

14. If the host is late will the party be allowed in to play?
Unfortunately, not, if the host is late then everyone has to wait to greet the guest of honor. Unfortunately, the time will be lost and not be made up.

15. When do I have to let you know how many kids?
We call 1 week before to go over the headcount and anything to be added to the party. Additions can be found on the Extra Extra page.

16. Should I come see the facility
Most people go to our Instagram or Facebook as we have current videos posted of each inflatable arena and we walk through them in the video as if we are touring someone through. Touring isn’t easy as we can’t walk anyone through a private party and we have parties all day on the weekend. If after you watched the video you still want to come in for a tour we have to make an appointment for a weeknight.

17. Can we bring balloon arches.?
We do not have space for balloon arches and most party rooms have a cake cart not a cake table. Banners get hung on the wall so there is no place for balloon arches. If you bring large balloon displays you have to take them with you when you leave. There may also be an additional charge for the set up and breakdown of the party room.

18. What if less kids show up to the party then we told?
If your head count changes, we ask you to keep us posted throughout the week. If less people show up we will only charge you for the amount of kids that showed. If we have not been informed before the party of a headcount change, we will have to charge you for the additional kids food we ordered for your party based on your original headcount.

19. Can we bring our own food?
No, if you bring in your own food other then a “store bought” type cake, we will not be able to put it out.

20. Do we have to sign a waiver?
Yes, no child will be able to play without a signed waiver.

21. Can adults play?
For the safety of the children, we do NOT allow adults to participate. We have staff to help the children if needed.

22. Do you mail invitations?
No, sorry if you want invitations you need to come by to pick them up.

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